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Custom Guided Meditation

Co-create a guided meditation that is scripted specifically for you. Your recorded meditation will help you reach a state of deep healing relaxation, supporting you in making the changes you're seeking, by moving your conscious mind out of the way so that new thoughts, ideas, and suggestions can reach and take hold in your subconscious mind.


By zeroing in on your specific goal, and through repetition, your guided meditation will facilitate the inner work of releasing blockages and breaking old patterns, and will support your ability to integrate new actions, habits or patterns that support you aligning with your goals and intentions. 

A powerful tool for:

  • Breaking a habit

  • Achieving a goal or manifesting a dream or a life change 

  • Quieting your mind or getting a more restful sleep 

  • Managing chronic pain​

Guided Meditation $135 - $270

Includes 1-2, 50 minute phone sessions for deep guided mediation and fine tune your script 

Receive MP3 recording within 1-2 weeks

Evelyn does an amazing job of helping you connect to your higher self through guided meditation. By eliminating self-doubt through positive visualization, I was able to stay aligned when searching for career opportunities and I’m feeling great that the process worked!

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