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Energy Medicine

Energy medicine works to treat disturbances or “dis-ease” found in the human subtle energy system, impacting our health on the emotional, physical and mental level, as well as our spiritual well-being.


The subtle energy system consists of chakras – the seven energy centers of the body, and the auric field that surrounds the body. When any part of your subtle energy system become blocked or mal-aligned, the flow of your life force energy stops or slows down. This can be a result of emotional trauma, negative thinking, such as fear and worry, karmic imprints, living a life on someone else's behalf or taking on their belief systems. These negative thoughts and emotions, bitter memories, foreign patterns or ways of being, are toxic to the body, and over time can manifest on the physical level, impacting the health of your body.

As an RN, with extensive training in Intuition Medicine®, I listen to your body’s deeper story to locate the imbalances and to remove the blockages affecting your subtle energy system to restore balance and your body’s inherent ability to heal itself.


Signs that your Chakras are blocked or imbalanced:

  • You may feel depressed, anxious, or angry for no apparent reason

  • Chronically tired, unable to think clearly, unable to sleep

  • Lack self-confidence, fearful, unhappy, string of bad luck

  • Chronic illness, chronic pain, addictions

Remote Energy Healing Session – 1 Hour – $110.00

"Evelyn has been such a blessing on my journey of trying to better understand who I am and how I can become my best self. I truly appreciate how she helped me to not fight through my physical pain but rather try to understand it to allow myself to heal."

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