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Intuitive Coaching

What is intuitive coaching?

Intuitive coaching works from the inside out. It's a transformative process, removing the inner obstacles that prevent you from achieving your dreams. And it's a powerful process, bringing you into connection with your higher-self ­and into alignment with your passion and highest potential. ​


When is an intuitive coach beneficial?

  • You have specific goals in mind that you can’t seem to attain

  • You’re feeling stuck in your current job or situation but lack the clarity or motivation to move forward

  • You have a nagging feeling that there's something more for you, or that something's missing in your life

  • You want to dream bigger, to open your eyes to possibilities you wouldn’t normally recognize.


How can an Intuitive Coach help me?

  • Clarify what is important to you and align your intentions and actions with those values

  • Pinpoint and shift self-limiting beliefs – clearing the path for you to attain your dreams

  • Learn to manage the self-sabotaging thought patterns that can derail your best efforts

  • Stay focused, motivated and empowered to manifest the change your seeking


Overview of My Process


Intro Call:
During this 20 min call/meeting, we’ll introduce ourselves and discuss your goals, and see how I can support you in manifesting whatever it is that you want to bring into your life. It is a time for you to ask me any questions about the coaching process and what you can expect from working together. 


1st Session:
We will begin by further discussing your goals, reviewing the steps you have taken thus far, and identifying areas of resistance or current or past obstacles. You’ll also receive an assignment, or daily practice designed support your process.


2nd Session:
We’ll start off reviewing your week and discussing any new insights or learnings you realized from your homework. Then, I’ll guide you through a deep meditation that will connect you with your own inner guidance.


3rd Session:
We’ll continue to strengthen your connection with your inner wisdom and begin clearing the obstacles standing in your way, while gaining clarity and focus as you align with your goal. We’ll end the session with a deep guided meditation to strengthen your connection to inner guidance. After the 3rd session, I will record a guided meditation for you to listen to as often as you like to support you in staying focused and aligned with your dream. 


Remote Sessions – Up to 75 minutes – $135, or

Kick-start Your Manifestation Process:

Package of 3, 75 minute sessions & custom guided meditation MP3 - $475

"After only a few months, I landed my dream job in a new city in which I’ve always wanted to live. I truly would not have been able to do this without the guidance, intuition, encouragement and so much more from Evelyn. I feel more aligned with my higher self and my purpose than I ever have."

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