My work goes deep within, cutting through the noise created by the conscious mind and the distraction of living in our current environment, to help you reestablish a connection with your true nature.  It is from this quiet place where the imbalances impacting your health, your happiness, and your ability to achieve your goals can be identified and cleared,  and the space created for you to align with the life you were truly meant to live. 

Through our work together you can:


  • Establish a connection with your inner wisdom

  • Clear the emotional, mental and energetic debris that is holding your back

  • Expand your inner beliefs and clarify your life vision

  • Align and manifest your goals or life dreams

  • Gain the tools to live a more present and grounded life



My services 

  • Individual Remote Sessions

    75 minute phone session.  Access deeper aspects of yourself to identify and release the self limiting  beliefs and negative patterns that are blocking you and impact your health and happiness.  Reveal and clarify your life purpose and what is needed for you to stay aligned with it.  

  • Intuitive Coaching

    A comprehensive service to support you in manifesting a goal or life dream, or to guide you through a life transition.  Tailored to your needs, I'll be using all the "tools" in my tool box to help you reach your goal!

  • Custom Guided Meditations

    Using hypnosis and visualization techniques a personalized audio recording will be created to support you in manifesting your goals, stop  unwanted habits, reduce pain or anxiety, or to get a more restful sleep.   

  • Space Clearing

    Remove lingering energy patterns in your home or office that can create misalignment and affect your relationship with loved ones, colleagues, and customers.  This service is ideal if you're moving into a new space or your current environment feels unsettled after a divorce, separation, illness, death, trauma, or other negative emotion.

And you?  When will you begin that long journey into yourself?                                                                          –Rumi

Contact Me

evelyn@evelynhymans.com  |  Tel: 415-215-0303

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