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my approach

Depth Hypnosis and Intuitive Coaching to Guide You to Your Soul Purpose


My intention is to nurture and guide you to your soul purpose in life by 

providing the necessary tools to access your own inner wisdom, and remove harmful 

barriers and resistance.


Extensive training in the practice of Depth Hypnosis enables me to harness my intuition 

to locate energy blocks and old patterns, that create dis-ease within your energy field. 

Utilizing an approach designed especially for you, we will work together to resolve these blocks and break these patterns for good, restoring your alignment, health and well-being on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.


Once alignment is achieved and well-being restored, Intuitive Coaching provides you with the support you need to manifest your dreams. I will help you to stay connected to your higher self while clarifying your goals, creating a plan, and ensuring focus to prevent your inner critical voice and self-doubt from distracting you from your vision.


I firmly believe that you deserve to live a full, meaningful and balanced life. Let's work

together to achieve and maintain full alignment, and set you on a path to actualizing your soul purpose.

Connect to your higher self

Discover who you are at the spirit level and learn how to

access your inner wisdom for guidance and unlimited


Remove inner obstacles 

Identify and release the negative patterns and the core beliefs

that are blocking access to your higher self and undermining 

your happiness, the ability to achieve your goals and 

your health. 

Create alignment

Once the obstacles are removed, we'll clarify your goals and

develop a plan that creates the alignment needed to achieve them.

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